In Need of Working Capital?

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There is no better time to think about the small-to-medium size businesses you work with that may be struggling in different ways. Some might be coming off a bad year financially or some might be experiencing high levels of growth. In either case, A/R Funding can help. We work with all types of businesses that are in need of working capital. A/R Funding works with many referral sources and values each and every one.

Here are the top four reasons it pays to establish a referral relationship with A/R Funding:

  1. Strengthen Client Relationships. Clients will appreciate the fact that you offer them a solution instead of just saying “no”.
  2. Retain Existing Clients. Instead of losing a client to a competitor, you can offer them a solution that actually works.
  3. Help Clients Grow. Access to Working capital will help your clients grow, and a growing business presents opportunities for everyone, including your bank.
  4. Increase Your Efficiency. Rather than spend countless hours on businesses that you know will not qualify for a line of credit, you can refer them to us.

A/R Funding considers it a great compliment to receive a referral from someone who trusts that we will do everything possible to help a business owner. We have received thousands of referrals over the years and have assisted many of them accomplish their goals. This, in turn, has lead them on to more traditional financing.

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