AR Funding vs. Your Bank

AR Funding

Looks to where you want to go

Your Bank

Looks at where you are now

Unlike many traditional lenders, AR Funding looks at the whole picture—the quality of your accounts receivable, the number of invoices you want us to fund, as well as your potential for sustained growth.  We don’t limit you to your present situation or assets.

Quick cash flow without debt

New debt and hefty loan payments

Because our funding is based on the number and amount of your accounts receivable invoices, called invoice factoring, you essentially become your own lender.  No loans.  No new payments.  Just quick cash—the cash you would have received anyway—right when you need it.

Simple rate structure

Varied rates based on equity & risk

Our fees are simple and straightforward.  There are no hidden charges, no up front costs, and no surprise payments.  Our proven methods of funding are based on your accounts receivable, not on your business’ equity or how big of a risk you are.

No long-term contracts

Lengthy terms with high interest

Once you borrow money from your bank, they’ve got you until you’ve paid off every cent.  They have a hand in your monthly out-go, and one late payment can negatively affect your company’s credit worthiness.  With AR Funding, you choose which and how many of your invoices you want us to fund.  We don’t make you sign a long-term contract.  Plus, you get the steady flow of cash you need to keep your business growing.

The Standard in Accounts Receivable

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