What Makes Us Different


Since 1996, we’ve earned a reputation for responsiveness and attention to detail. From a nation-wide network of seasoned financial specialists, to our highly competent customer support team, we take the time to understand the unique financial needs of every client. We treat each of your invoices, and all of your customers as though they were our own.

A Full-Service Solution

We routinely work behind the scenes to verify the credit-worthiness of your customers. This protects your company and ours. When invoices come past-due, our professionals call to confirm payment status. Our job is never to intimidate, and this non-intrusive approach results in faster payment and/or proactive conflict resolution.

Our point of difference is built around a commitment to the highest standard of professionalism, while always extending genuine personal service to every client. I think that’s why we have so many clients stay with us for years. They like the way we do business.

-Gordon Farr, Executive VP Sales & Marketing


AR Funding requires no long-term contracts, just a 90-day commitment to initiate our service. Our programs are simple and straightforward. Fees are based on the volume of funding and days the invoices take to pay. If an invoice goes beyond 25 days, fees are pro-rated on a daily basis. That way, your fees are terminated on the day payment is received. Payments and reserves are posted and made available to you on the same day. Daily reports are accessible.


Most companies call AR Funding only after traditional financing options prove unsuccessful. You need answers and you need them fast. We understand. We’re set up to provide immediate solutions, and to get you the working capital you need within 24 to 48 hours. Going forward, we understand our role as a “lifeline” for our clients. Our retention rate is among the highest in our industry…specifically because we respond with a sense of urgency.

The Standard in Accounts Receivable

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