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A Full-Service Approach For Accounts Receivable

As the standard in receivables funding, our approach to business is simple. We ask for no long-term contract, just a 90-day commitment to initiate our service.

Clients determine which accounts will be funded based on their cash flow needs. Our standard advance rate is 85%, but other rates are available depending on the client’s requirements. Discount rates are determined by the volume of billings; the greater the billings, the lower the rate. Clients pay an initial discount (as low as 1.00%), and are charged on a daily basis until payment is received. All payments and reserves are posted and made available to you on the same day.

AR Funding provides accounts receivable funding with a full-service resource within your accounting area with rates as low as 1.00%.
Here’s a quick list of what we provide:

  • Approval within 24 to 48 hours and same day funding.
  • Payments and reserves are posted on the same day; made available to the client.
  • Credit investigation and continuous evaluation of client’s customer base.
  • Invoice-by-invoice monitoring.
  • Disciplined and professional collection follow-up program.
  • Same-day online reporting available to clients.

Standard Program

Our clients determine which of their accounts are to be funded based on their cash flow needs.

  • Advance Rate as high as 90%.
  • Fees are based on the number of days the invoice is outstanding from day of funding to collection date.
  • Other programs are available if qualified.
  • AR Funding does not require long-term contracts with our clients.

Standard Fee Structure

Our rates are based on the volume of funding.

  • For clients funding in excess of $2 million annually, a fee as low as 1.00% of the invoice amount.

  • For clients funding less than $2 million annually, a fee as low as 1.50% of the invoiced amount.

Target Clients

Our client base ranges from start-ups to established companies with up to $60 million in annual sales. Although customer types vary greatly, most clients fall into one of these categories.

  • Companies with stable or increasing revenues that need working capital for growth.
  • Established companies with recent history of unprofitable operations, but with a good plan for turnaround.
  • Companies needing working capital that have a limited track record (i.e., start-ups)
  • Companies with established track records and good balance sheets that may have an opportunity for continuous growth; however, funding requirements don’t meet bank criteria.
  • Companies with a high concentration in quarterly accounts receivable, in need of temporary (“bridge”) financing.
  • Any company with good sales volume that doesn’t wish to invest in an accounts receivable department, and would prefer to outsource this function.

Our Goal Is Simple:

To Create Solutions For Our Clients To Achieve Their Financial Goals.

Realize more profits. See real savings.

With AR Funding, our program gives you the freedom to turn your receivables with much greater frequency. That means more profit for your business. Having a positive cash flow also means you can pay your suppliers on time, giving you more bargaining power to negotiate better terms and qualifying you for cash discounts. Plus, you’ll build a better credit rating in the process.

Let the professionals at AR Funding relieve you of the costs and headaches that go hand-in-hand with receivables collection, and give you the freedom to concentrate on growing your business.

The Standard in Accounts Receivable

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