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Our clients come from many different industries throughout the U.S. They’re growing, successful companies, with an acute need for cash flow. But they don’t meet criteria required by most banks to secure the credit they need.

What we offer isn’t a loan. It’s advance access to the receivables you’re generating every day — called invoice factoring or accounts receivable factoring. We require no long-term contracts. Our agreements are simple and straightforward. Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry. Our people are responsive.

When it comes to our service commitment to every client, we have no tolerance for imprecision or delay. Our processing of invoices and deposits, our daily reporting, our research and underwriting … everything we do has to be done perfectly, and executed on time.

– Kevin Gilbert, Executive VP Credit Administration

Everyday, AR Funding sets the standard among receivables financing companies. We welcome the opportunity to understand more about your cash-flow needs, and to support you in the success of your business.

AR Funding offers invoice factoring to high-growth companies that depend on timely cash flow to drive their success. Today, across the U.S., we’re providing clients with access to debt-free working capital by converting accounts receivables into ready cash.

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