Why should you partner with AR Funding?

Though our financing solutions are simple and straightforward, the benefits of utilizing them are extraordinary.
By partnering with AR Funding, your business will experience unlimited potential through:

Improved Cash Flow

Because we issue funds to you as soon as you generate a new invoice (called invoice factoring), you’ll have quick access to the steady cash you need to grow your business. No more waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for clients to honor their payment obligations.

Offer Trade Credit

With AR Funding you’ll be able to extend credit to your customers without impacting your cash flow. We advance up to 90% of your invoices, through accounts receivable funding, providing you the working capital necessary to grow your business.

The first months with a new client are absolutely critical. We work hard to establish trust and accountability in every phase of service. Many of our clients work in highly competitive industries. Our goal is to replace a little of their stress, by creating a sense of confidence as a highly competent financial resource.

-Rita Gantt, New Client Coordinator

Vendor Discounts

Imagine being able to pay your bills on time—even ahead of time. Once your grateful vendors realize how quickly you’re paying them, they’ll be more willing to offer you better terms or even cash discounts. By factoring accounts receivable, you’ll positively impact your company’s credit rating in the process.


With our accounts receivable funding and outsourced collection services, you’ll be free to focus on the day-to-day operations so vital to your company’s well being. You’ll also enjoy the freedom of planning for the future of your company instead of fretting over the present.

The Standard in Accounts Receivable

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