Five Ways to Grow Your Business

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As we kick off the new year, nearly all reports indicate a solid outlook for small and mid-sized businesses for 2018.  Our clients range from service to distribution to manufacturing and all in between. From these various industries, our clients tell us that they plan to make the most of the upcoming positive economy and grow their businesses.  A\R Funding will be there to help them with the cash flow as they need it.  Here are a few ways that we hear our clients plan to expand business and grow sales this year:

1) The US Government is begging for bids from potential contractors wishing to do business with them.  Times have changed and it is not as difficult as it once was to win a government contract. There is virtually no end to the services and products that the government purchase and their annual portion of GDP for purchases is in the trillions.  This leaves room for everyone.

2) Open a new location that will be closer to the market you are trying to reach.  You may have considered in the past a larger footprint for your business and NOW is the time.  

3) The world is clamoring for American made goods.  It is far from impossible to obtain financing for international sales and with credit insurance it is simple.  Go global as many others are doing.

4) INTENSIFY your internet presence.  Make it easy for a prospect to find your business quickly and see how your products/services are the right fit for them.

5.) Perhaps you should acquire a competitor or add on to your business by merging with a smaller organization with the same product line OR one that is compatible.  Mergers and acquisitions are increasing in number these days to the benefit of buyer and seller.

A\R Funding is ready to assist your business in whatever method you choose to grow your business.  Our financing helps make the above happen. Call to see how we can help you.

Scott Sampson

A\R Funding

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