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 In Accounts Receivable Factoring

For twenty plus years, A/R Funding has assisted Bankers and Accountants with both new and existing clients. Common struggles that Bankers face with clients and prospects are consistent operating losses, diminishing equity and temporary economic conditions. The banker has a dilemma wondering how to maintain the goodwill of both types of businesses and remain in the picture to one day again be able to handle their financing. What is the solution to the dilemma? Call A/R Funding and refer the businesses to us. We can temporarily assume the financing and essentially warehouse these accounts until the Banker wants them back in his portfolio. As stated above, A/R Funding has handled referrals for over 20 years and our reputation is unblemished in working with unfavorable conditions in a business that banks and others are unable or unwilling to undertake. We are less conscious of equity, debt to worth ratios, temporary losses or creeping expenses and we always maintain a solid, friendly and TLC relationship with our accounts. We do NOT charge up-front fees or ongoing audits or any other costs to create a burden on the business. In addition, we are resourceful, flexible and reliable. Our nationwide portfolio of businesses using our factoring services are quite satisfied with our service and ability to go above and beyond when necessary to solve temporary problems. The commercial banking officer will receive great praise from his account when referred as is evidenced by our many real life examples throughout the country. Please call your local A/R Funding Representative to discuss such referrals and create a win/win/win solution.

CPAs and accountants, if while reviewing the annual tax situation of your clients you should discover that their financing sources are not providing adequate working capital or assisting in cash flow needs, call A/R Funding and let us help your client get the financial resources they need.

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