Startup staffing agency stabilizes payroll with a $120K factoring line

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AR Funding is proud to welcome this nursing staffing company as one of its newest clients.


Industry: Staffing agency
Location: NC
Company type: Startup
Reason for applying: Meet payroll
Cash available through factoring: $120,000  



PROBLEM: Lack of access to credit jeopardized payroll

Founded by a traveling nurse, this specialized staffing agency for nursing launched in early 2024. Based in North Carolina, the new company benefited from a strong market for services in the region, as well as excellent relationships with healthcare facilities that need nursing staff. 

Meeting payroll was stretching the new agency too thin, but with no business track record and a founder with a subprime credit score, the agency didn’t qualify for traditional loans or lines of credit. 


SOLUTION: $120,000 factoring credit line

The founder heard about AR Funding and applied for a factoring line. Despite the fact that the agency had only been in business for a couple of months, AR Funding was able to extend a factoring line of up to $120,000 per month based on the solid credit scores of the agency’s customers. 

This happy client received financing with help from Crawford Reeves, Regional VP, Southeast Region. Find out how much cash your company can access through invoice factoring. Talk to us.

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