Planning and Goals for 2018

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Will someone please explain how to plan and set goals for the year 2018?  Conflicts between the chaotic economy that we have all suffered through for the past decade, the exceptional improvement in the stock market and the overall economic growth creates confusion. How does one guide their company? We think it safe to say that in light of the booming start the economy is experiencing currently it will be a banner year for all businesses, large and small.  Many of our customers have already requested line increases for additional working capital and cash flow to assist in their anticipated growth this year.  We are happy to provide such increase to our customers.

As you know our company is national in scope with local offices in 7 metropolitan centers throughout the US.  The reports are in from our customers and representative offices that 2018 will be a record year.  We suggest that our commercial banking, accounting and consulting friends take a second look at any accounts or prospects you may not be able to accommodate and give us a call. We value your referral.  We are able to handle difficult financings that banks are unable or unwilling to take care of and our appetite for growth for our customers is virtually unlimited.  As for planning for this year: ALL BE PREPARED for major activity and a super influx of new business.  If you are considering taking on a new marketing territory, government sales, hiring new staff or purchasing new equipment, look no further…..our financing can accommodate all of the exciting new growth opportunities that you will encounter.  Please give us a call (800-756-3386) or visit our website ( and we will assure you that your planning for 2018 has found a good place to start with us at A\R Funding.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!


Scott Sampson

AR Funding

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