Planning for 2018

 In Accounts Receivable Factoring

Don’t look now, but in addition to parties and packages, this time of year includes setting goals, planning activities, and outlining objectives for our respective 2018 business plans. The financial services industry (as with nearly all other businesses) asks us to put on our thinking caps and determine new ways we can provide our clients with profits and greater identity in the marketplace, while also building their portfolios.  

Reflecting on 2017, we may realize we’ve come up short in a few areas.  Why? The economy is still in recovery mode, and while it is making giant strides toward improvement, we have been suffering from economic malaise for most of the past twelve months. Loan demand for business expansion, inventory increases, or equipment has certainly been minimal, as has hiring. However, economists and business leaders from all sectors are painting a much brighter picture for 2018.  

How are you planning to improve your numbers and goodwill in the coming year? First, keep in mind that your clients, associates and prospects can potentially help bring your goals to fruition. How? You can refer your existing or prospective customers to A/R Funding for their financing needs. If you are working with a prospect who you are unable to assist in the finance area, rather than decline the application, consider referring the company to a reliable, long-standing resource — A/R Funding.  If you do so, you may receive a referral fee, and most certainly you will maintain their ongoing accounting or banking relationship.  

Referrals to A/R Funding could help you reach your 2018 goals by either eliminating difficult accounts, or increasing your deposits as you retain the account relationship.  That is a win-win-win situation. Your client will be pleased with their new financing source, you remain in the picture, and if interested, you will receive a referral fee.  

Contact A/R Funding today, and let’s make 2018 the best year yet…for us all.

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