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Many of our clients are actively searching for viable businesses to buy. The market seems to be improving, so an unusual number of businesses are available for sale in all categories — manufacturing, distribution, service and more.  Buying another business can add territory and customers within your market, thus increasing your volume and profitability.

Perhaps you have the opportunity to purchase your closest competitor. Imagine dispensing with the headaches involved of dealing with a customer who regularly compares your prices/terms to your competitor.  Maybe it’s time to acquire that competitor!

GOOD NEWS — financing is available. A/R Funding can provide cash based on the assets of the buying and selling business.  Our team understands acquisition financing and can be a great one-stop resource as you undertake challenges.  Using debt, it will not be necessary to give up your equity position to an outside investor. Commercial banks are leery of such funding, and the banks would rather see the deal completed and operating for a period of time.  

A/R Funding would provide the funding you need, and work closely with you to build the economies of scale your new entity will provide. We are experienced, resourceful and we do not require equity in your new business. Our terms are reasonable, the funds are available, and we can put you in the driver’s seat of a new company in very short order. Call today, and we’ll get started!

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