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A retired senior officer of the United States military recently called our office. Her husband had run a business for many years, and she joined him upon her retirement. Their business possessed the needed stamps and assurances proving their legitimacy as a government contractor. During the call, she explained that she and her husband were frustrated because the Department of Defense had issued a purchase order to them for a significant amount of plastic goods, yet they were unable to execute the orderTwo things stood in their way of completing the sale:

1) Financing for the transaction to provide the company with necessary working capital; and

2) Completion of the transaction within two days, as the government agreement required financing to be in place prior to closing the deal.

The CEO had spoken with several banks and other lending institutions, but did not receive financing because their business had no history and lacked experience selling to the government. Furthermore, the potential lenders said the growth the owners planned for the company was too rapid, and therefore, too risky.

With only three days remaining before the deadline of this multi-million dollar contract, the owners took the advice of a banker friend and phoned A\R Funding. Our team has over 20 years’ experience working with prime and sub-contractors who sell to all branches of the government and military. We quickly assessed the agreement and determined all documents were in order. We assembled our due diligence team, approved the project, and called the Contract Officer with time to spare.  

Our experience and investment in our client won the deal and all players were pleased with the outcome. If a business you know is seeking support for government sales, please contact A/R Funding. You will experience friendly and resourceful attention to your financial needs. After all, our business is the ability to build yours.  

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