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A CFO Action Plan for 2023 

Financial leaders of small- to mid-sized companies are emerging from three tough and turbulent years in a row. What will the year ahead look like, and how can CFOs prepare? This action plan from looks at the key trends shaping the business environment and identifies three areas finance leaders should prioritize in 2023. 

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4 reasons why cash flow forecasting is so important 

A staggering 80% of businesses fail due to a lack of cash. Cash flow forecasting can help your business see those cash flow gaps coming and take action to prevent them. This article from Entrepreneur provides four good reasons to start forecasting your cash flow along with links to helpful resources.  

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Will 2023 bring a recession or a brighter economy 

Fears of a recession have dominated the news and a recent survey of thousands of CEOs from around the globe point to a recession and economic uncertainty in 2023. However, several positive indicators suggest that the economy could rebound sooner than expected. This article from Business Insider looks at some of the reasons for cautious optimism. 

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3 ways companies are rethinking the way they source their products 

COVID-19 turned global supply chains upside down, and the companies that survived the worst of the disruption are now rethinking their reliance on these fragile channels and making changes to create more resilience. 

In this article from The Conversation, a supply chain expert looks at three major shifts in the way companies are managing their supply chains. 

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