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How your company can fight cybercrime 

Since 2008, cybercrime has risen more than 200%, siphoning billions from American businesses in 2022. Is your business ready to fend off next-generation ransomware attacks powered by artificial intelligence and quantum computing?  

This article by Inc Magazine looks at the top cybersecurity challenges on the horizon for businesses and suggests best practices for building resilience in the face of this mounting threat.  

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How small-business owners feel about the economy 

Despite supply chain woes, rising costs, hiring challenges, and the threat of a recession, small-business owners are feeling confident about their prospects.  

A recent survey conducted by MetLife and the U.S. Chamber Small Business Index examined the sentiments of small business owners on the health of the economy. The results show that while overall perceptions of the economy remain negative, the majority of business owners (64%) say their business is good or very good.  

More survey data, including the top five business challenges for business owners, can be found here 


Use these 9 KPIs to grow your business faster 

According to one survey, 79% of businesses use key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics can help business owners go beyond revenue and profit numbers to develop a better understanding of their progress toward achieving business objectives.  

This article looks at how KPIs are defined, how to develop KPIs that are actionable and effective, and which KPIs are most likely to help business owners track company growth. 

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What to know when five generations share an office 

For the first time in history, five different generations could be working in the same business together. With each generation representing very different ideas, experiences, values, and work styles, it can be a recipe for workplace conflict. This article from Time looks at some of the ways businesses are helping staff members from different generations work together and learn from each other effectively. 

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