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This is an interesting time in the business world with small to medium sized businesses struggling to meet customers demands on orders. We at Associated Receivables Funding see this every day and it generally comes down to these businesses having adequate cash flow and managing the sales transactions from the time they get the order to the time they collect the payment. Adequate working capital can be obtained through managing sales from the time you receive an order, deliver the goods or services, invoicing to collecting the payments. Associated Receivables Funding knows this because we specialize in funding and managing accounts receivable.  Here are a few articles that offer helpful tips for small businesses.


Cash Flow vs. Profit: What’s the Difference?

A great article about the basics of cash flow and profitability. Providing simple examples of the importance of cash flow by illustrating the timing of a sales transaction which leads to the benefit of factoring.


U.S. jobless claims drop to 3-month low of 209,000 — July 4 holiday played a part

An interesting read as it relates to today’s job market and the economy, noting that not only are jobless claims down but jobs are pouring into all markets holding most of all jobs polls steady even though the economy is unstable.


How to be Happy with Invoicing Mistakes – Not! Here’s How to Avoid Them Instead

This article highlights mistakes that should be avoided in the invoicing process.  It is critical that businesses give customers no reason to delay payment, as that can cause cash flow issues.  AR Funding helps minimize these types of mistakes with our management services.


It takes more than passion for a small business to succeed

While many businesses are created from passion, businesses can’t survive on passion alone!  This article candidly speaks to the importance of teamwork. As Steve Jobs states in the article, “Great things in business are never done by one person.  They’re done by a team of people.” AR Funding can wear many hats for business owners.

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