Cash Flow & Business Trends – September 2019

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The following articles provide great insight to the different trends in today’s business, especially as it relates to cash flow.


This article highlights challenges that small businesses face regarding cash flow, including managing receivables and payments.  It also includes data comparing small business cash flow trends from around the globe.

Cash Flow Challenges Facing Small Business Owners


We recommend this article by the Small Business Development Corporation about managing cash flow for small businesses.  It discusses not only cash management, but a couple of other ways to keep your cash flow in check.

Managing Your Cash Flow


This is an interesting Q&A about smart financial habits to adopt and also financial mistakes to avoid for small business owners regarding overall financial health of the business.

Smart Financial Habits


We like this article because even though it’s written for the pallet industry, it fits all businesses.  Take a look at all of the good suggestions offered in this one.

Understanding The Importance of Cash Flow Management in Your Pallet Business


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