Why Factoring Works

 In Accounts Receivable Factoring

Faced with intense competition? Think outside the box, and close that potential client while your competitors are still warming up! 

Have you ever considered an adjustment to your terms of payment? You can provide this benefit to your client while maintaining steady cash flow for your company. When you factor your receivables, you receive the majority of the money owed for a sale immediately upon delivery of your goods or services. So your client pays within the agreed upon 30, 60, or 90 day terms, and you have access to the cash even before they pay. Use that cash to purchase more inventory, hire staff, expand your company’s footprint, or explore a new sales channel. 

Factoring works in many other ways. Consider these strategies for your business:

  • Allocate the extra funds to purchase discounts and lower your cost of inventory. Your credit score may improve, and you will be prepared for a new growth cycle.
  • Increase sales at your own pace. A/R Funding is one of the only sources of financing that actually grows with your company. We will not hinder a rapid increase in revenue.
  • Stay in control of the funding process. Factoring is simple and easy, and we don’t require long-term contracts.

When financing your company, A/R Funding focuses on the quality of your customers. We will not trouble you with costly audits or annual financial statement audits. We understand temporary setbacks. A/R Funding is proud to be your resourceful, flexible, and reliable funding source. Remember: Our business is the ability to build yours.

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