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Check out these timely articles about managing cash flow and your overall business in challenging circumstances.

In an age of inflation, managing working capital is king
Amidst continued uncertainty, many large companies are extending terms for paying subscribers. Some have not changed terms but simply delayed payments to help their working capital. As Craig Guillot writes in this article for Supply Chain Drive, as inflation rises, companies are tightening up on their working capital management. Read on to learn how your receivables and DPO strategies can improve your working capital.

Stuck in the Weekend: Why Are Bank Lenders Avoiding Kick-Outs and Write-Offs?
As business leaders, we deal with banks on a regular basis yet rarely question their financial security. In this article, we explore how the pandemic has affected our financial institutions—and what may impact you.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Working Capital in 2020
Companies everywhere are wrestling with the challenge to get product to market. In 2020, the cash conversion cycle declined by 2%. This was driven by increased inventories and ballooning accounts receivable as companies were holding cash and borrowing at record levels. Learn more in this video by Craig Bailey from The Hackett Group.

How To Make Good Decisions In Uncertain Times
Making good decisions can be challenging under the best of circumstances. To decide well in times of uncertainty, consider using a defined decision-making process. In this Forbes article, Dr. Emma Soane highlights strategies to guide your business decisions in these turbulent times.

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