October 2017 Letter from the CEO

 In Letters from Brian

Dear Valued Partners,

Autumn is here. The leaves are starting to turn colors of red, yellow, and orange, offering a reminder that change is inevitable. Our country has recently experienced devastating events (hurricanes, mass shootings, and forest fires), which have forever changed lives. But through it all, the American spirit remains unchanged. We’ve watched everyday people, in the midst of stress and heartache, offer assistance, contribute money and supplies, and even put their life at risk for a complete stranger. Our citizens are strong. I am in awe of their resilience.

At A/R Funding, we understand that business ownership requires resilience, too. A company’s financial state can change rapidly, requiring immediate attention. Our team is knowledgeable and responsive, helping us maintain a client retention rate that is among the highest in our industry. Thank you for referring your clients to us. We value your relationship and we appreciate your trust in our company. And that will never change.


Best regards,

Brian K. Holden
Chairman and CEO

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