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Why Is My Business Short on Cash?

Almost every business will experience a cash crunch at some point, and for many businesses, it’s a recurring challenge. Written by a finance strategist who helps businesses increase their profit margins, this Forbes article explores six of the most common reasons businesses run short on cash.

Read the article to find out how pricing, invoicing, and expense tracking can negatively affect cash flow.


Businesses Rush to Sidestep Rate Shock by Paying Down Debt

As interest rates climb, businesses are keeping a closer eye on their balance sheets and looking for ways to pay down debt. This Wall Street Journal article looks at what’s happening to interest rates, the current levels of business debt, and how businesses are planning to protect their bottom line during one of the biggest rate hikes in recent history.

Read more to see how a potential recession is affecting business plans in 2023.


6 Ways to Get Federal Funding for Your Sustainable Business

A host of new funding sources are giving businesses a financial helping hand to become more sustainable and efficient. This Entrepreneur article offers six ways for businesses to access government money to fund solar power, electric vehicles, energy-efficiency building retrofitting, and more.

Find out whether your business qualifies for any of these new programs, grants, and tax credits.

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