New Client-Scott Chaffee

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Congratulations to Scott Chaffee out of our Greenville, SC, headquarters for closing a new deal!

Industry: Start-up Temporary Staffing

Problem: As with all start-up entities, whether it is staffing, trucking, or manufacturing, immediate cash flow to run the business is always one of the main frustrations and can even be a barrier to entry into the market.  The owners of this company realized that being able to pay their people in a timely way and more importantly when their employees were promised took priority.

Solution:  A/R Funding is able to work with start-up companies and help them get started on their journey.  We are able to help them get started on the right path from the beginning which keeps them compliant and also pays dividends down the road for all concerned as they grow.  In this case, the Client’s customers all expected 30-60 day payment terms, which would put a strain on a new company.  A/R funding set up a $400,000 factoring line that took that concern off the table, giving them the assurance that their business can move ahead and grow.

We look forward to seeing this new company grow!

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