Advice for Your Customers and Clients as Dog Days of Summer Are Behind Us

 In Accounts Receivable Factoring

The Farmers Almanac tells us tells us the hot sultry days of Summer are over on 8/11.  Here are five things you might consider advising your customers and clients to be thinking about going into the Fall of the year:

  1. Dust off those great business ideas you had as Summer hit us.  Consider implementing them now that vacations are over and life is back to normal.  A business plan review might be in order to clear up and refresh our goals.
  2. Remember the all-important activity of renewing your relationships with your customers by phone and visits as appropriate.  Nothing better for retention of a customer than a smile and handshake.
  3. Be sure the security of your company internet is up to speed.  Have a recheck by an expert and protect your valuable company data throughout the organization.
  4. Get up to speed on new technology in your industry…..what is new on the agenda by checking with the trade associations and groups within your industry.
  5. LASTLY…should any of your customers or prospects be in need of working capital or help with cash flow?  Be their best counselor and refer them to AR Funding in the event you may be unable to help. We are very user friendly and our rates and terms are extremely competitive.  If you think AR Funding could assist them…..please call or have them call us (800) 756-3386….that is a WIN-WIN-WIN.
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