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Business planning for 2017 is proving to be an exciting process. Many of our clients are anticipating a banner year in sales performance and profits. Political signs indicate previous regulations will be changing, opening the door for less restrictive operational activities and allowing for growth of small and mid-sized businesses. With a positive economic outlook, company leaders are giving more thought to the size of their staff, especially in the sales area.

With increased sales volume, consider your plans for employee support, including insurance coverage for your new volume. Confirm inventory with suppliers so that potential sales growth is covered. Thorough planning should also include a check of your all-important alliances with customers to determine their projected buying level, and then prepare your organizational needs for this increase.

Finally, updating equipment and systems is crucial for an influx of new sales, new employees, and expanded territories. A most exciting year is expected by the US Chamber of Commerce; their projections indicate increased demand in virtually all business sectors. That demand translates to opportunities for each industry to accommodate the growth expected in the US GDP.

Keep in mind that during periods of exciting growth and a strong economy, your company’s financing is critical. A/R Funding is here for you; our team is resourceful, flexible, and reliable. We are excited to assist with the expansion of your business, and we wish you a most prosperous 2017.

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